3 Tips for Relocating

Moving can be a stressful process, especially if you’re relocating to a totally new area. We’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind before making the big move. 


Don’t list your home before you have a plan!

You may know that you want to move, but don’t list your home until you know what your plan is. Just knowing you want to move isn’t enough. What if your home sells in two weeks and you still haven’t decided where you’re going? You don’t want to be living in a motel for weeks while you figure out what you want to do.

Before you list your home, have a good idea of where you want to end up. This doesn’t mean you have to know the neighborhood or home you want to move into before listing your home (not a good idea either), just have a basic idea of where you want to be.  When you’re planing on relocating, know where. Click here to read our blog on tips for buying a home. 


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Don’t buy a home before selling your current one!

Paying two mortgages is no fun! To avoid this, be sure to list your home once you’ve started house hunting in earnest, if not before. Then price your home competitively so that it’s sure to sell quickly. We will help you find the perfect price to sell at, and we’ll make sure to sell your home as quickly as possible. 

Although the timing may not always work out perfectly (where you’ll move in your new home as soon as the old one sells), we’ll do our best to work out the timing so that you don’t have to have two mortgages and so you don’t have to find another place to live in between selling and buying. Click here to read our blog for tips on selling your home. 


Figure our your finances up front! 

Make sure you get pre-qualified before you start looking for a new home. Meet with a lender ahead of time and see what you can afford. Starting a new job? Be sure to discuss that with your lender as well. Click here to get pre-qualified! 

If you’re moving out of state or to a different city, know the cost of living in your new location. Be sure you know what your typical monthly costs are going to be. Decide what you can and can’t afford each month, and stick to what you’ve decided. This can also help you know what kind of home you can afford and therefore, what kind of home to look for. 


Ready to make the move? Ready to sell your house and find your dream home?!

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If you want to learn about some financing options, or if you’re looking to get pre-qualified, contact Parker Turk at Sun American Mortgage Company: 602-616-3774.



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