7 Things Moms Look For In The Perfect Home

7 Things Moms Look For In The Perfect Home

You’ve heard the saying, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy,” and that’s probably never truer than when Mama is at home. Moms are more likely to take on a larger portion of household duties according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a study of women’s financial habits shows that 95% of women are directly involved in their households’ financial decisions. There’s no mistaking that Mama has every right to voice her opinions on the kind of home her family lives in.

So we sought out those opinions from (where else?) Facebook, where we asked Dave’s followers, especially moms, to tell us what feature they’d want most in their homes. Take a look and see if anything on their list surprises you.

1. Eat-in Kitchen

Tania A.’s one must-have feature is an eat-in kitchen with tons of seating. “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” she explained. “I love nothing more than to sit around with the family and hear about everyone’s day.” Tania is right on track with many homebuyers—40% say they’d pay $1,770 more for a home with an eat-in kitchen.

2. Kitchen Island

Becky H. focused on one particular feature in her dream kitchen. “[I’d want] a large kitchen with a huge island to fit all five of my kids so we can hang out and make tons of great memories together!” Nearly half of all homebuyers agree with Becky, and they’d pay almost $1,400 more for a home with a kitchen island.

3. Open-Concept Design

Since 68% of moms spend part of their average day preparing and cleaning up after meals, it can be a challenge for them to stay connected with other family activities when the kitchen is isolated from the rest of the home. To solve this problem, Chrystal T. says an open-concept family room and kitchen are on her wish list. “Right now these rooms are separated, so I am often in the kitchen separate from everyone.” Amber R. D. agreed, saying, “I would love to knock down some walls so I can see my family!”

4. Grown-Up Getaway Space

Christina K. hit several nails on the head with her wish list, which includes “the mother of all master suites—a huge closet, tons of space, a fireplace … an adult oasis.” Almost half of folks looking for a new home would pay more than $2,000 for an en suite master bath, and 60% of home shoppers would shell out $1,350 for walk-in closets in the master bedroom. Fireplaces are also popular—homebuyers would pay $1,400 more for a home where they can snuggle by the fire.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces

Not all the must-haves are inside, and no outdoor feature adds to the curb appeal of a home like a wraparound porch. Plus, moms like Carling T. see it as a place for family togetherness. “I would have a huge wrap-around porch to drink coffee with my hubby while the kids play!” Terri B. agreed, saying her wraparound porch would include plenty of rocking chairs. “Perfect for conversations, daily devotional, star gazing and storytelling.” Linda M.H. said her outdoor space would be an extension of her home, with a kitchen, tons of seating and a large stone fireplace. “We love to cook/grill, and we love to open our home to entertain guests.”

6. Swimming Pool

Toni H. R. was one of many moms who said they dream of a home with a swimming pool. “I would love to spend hours with my family playing together in the pool like I did growing up,” she said. Swimming pools can be tricky additions to a home. In addition to the time and expense of maintenance, pools often require additional insurance coverage. But, for the right family, a pool can be an important selling feature.

7. Things Money Can’t Buy

“The only thing that makes a house a dream home is a happy family,” Jenny J. H. said. And many moms agreed with her. “I live in my dream home,” Gretchen H. told us. “The best feature is my family and the love we share to make it a home. I know it’s sappy, but it’s true.” “All the money in the world wouldn’t make a dream home in my mind,” Jody K. P. chimed in. “My family is what’s in my dream home.”

Moms Know What They Want—So Give It to Them!

If you’re thinking about selling your home soon, or even if your home is already on the market, keep this list in mind so you can play up the features that are most likely to catch a mom’s attention. For example, if you have a porch, no matter how big, deck it out as an inviting outdoor living space. Or make your normal-sized kitchen look spacious by clearing off the countertops and updating your lighting fixtures.

Most of all, make sure your home is a cozy and welcoming place for families. Nearly all of the must-have features our moms listed had to do with spending more quality time with their loved ones. Create an environment where moms can see themselves and their families living comfortably in your home, and you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

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