Why to Buy Early this Year

It’s no secret that the “real estate season” is spring. Should you wait to buy until we get into the season? NO! Here are a few reasons why you should buy early this year



The further we get into the season, the more competition there is. 

As more buyers come on the scene, there’s more people looking at homes and making offers. The more offers there are, the more negotiating you’ll have to do. You’re more likely to get a good deal on a home when there’s not as many competing offers. 

More buyers also leads to real estate agents being busier. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to spend time finding you amazing homes, it just means that they’re busier doing the same thing for others. So be a little bit selfish and catch us when we can spend more time on you


Looking to buy in Mesa? Check out these Mesa homes for sale!

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Mortgage Rates

As you’ve probably heard, mortgage rates are on the rise. Although they’re still historically low, they’re not going to be getting any lower. The sooner you buy, the lower rate you’ll have. Lock in a low rate, and buy early! Let’s get you a great deal on a home and a mortgage!


Perfect Weather

It’s the time of year when we all remember why we love Arizona! The weather makes every other American jealous! 

Take advantage of this amazing weather and let’s go look at homes and different communities. We all know that the longer you wait, the hotter it’s going to get. Enjoy this iconic weather while it lasts!


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