Why Downsizing Is A Good Thing and How To Get Started!

When you think of downsizing, what comes to mind? Is it a scary thought to pack up all your memories and move into a smaller space? Maybe you’ve just had the wrong mindset this whole time!

Downsizing and de-cluttering is actually a very healthy and healing process. Th Latin word for baggage is “impedimenta” which translates to the things that get in the way of us moving forward.

As you get rid of any burdens or baggage that has weighed you down in the past, be prepared for a new path that’s going to lead to exciting things.


Here are some expert tips on how to plan your financial future and downsize successfully!


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Even people who aren’t retiring have started to downsize more and more. The minimalist lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. That de-cluttering opens up possibilities to all of the new out there. Here are some tips and questions to ask yourself as you’re preparing for this new phase in life:

1.Are you ready to donate, sell, clean, and make all he necessary changes for this new lifestyle? How can you better prepare for it?

2.Have you met with any sort of financial experts or advisers? Consider reaching out to friends and family, ask who they would recommend!

3.Keep an open mind.

4.Do you want stairs? A pool? What’s on your checklist of “must haves” for this home you’d love to retire in? Sit down and start one if you haven’t already!

5.Listen to your inner voice, what your gut tells you, and use all the resources available to you. Discuss with your spouse the best way to make downsizing happen based on your wishlist, budget, location, and any other factors that come into play. 


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