Our Favorite Retirement Planning Blogs!

It seems like there’s always new ways to save your money, budget, and better plan for retirement. So how do you stay in the loop? Watching the news? Reading the newest finance books or magazines? 

Have you tried reading through the top finance blogs? Knowledgeable and expert financial advisers have their own personal blogs to share recent news, retirement saving tips, and any other budgeting information! We put together a list of our favorite retirement blogs.

Here are our top picks for retirement planning blogs! 


1.Nerd’s Eye View

For all the most accurate and informative financial news and updates, this is the best blog to subscribe to. Micheal Kitces, author of this successful blog, has at least 8 professional degrees and makes it his number one goal to deliver accurate and helpful information to his readers. Micheal is an expert in retirement planning and many other wealth management topics!

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2.The Retirement Cafe

Author Dirk Cotton offers a fresh and fascinating perspective for readers planning for retirement. If you want a unique, but successful way of becoming an expert with your finances this is the perfect blog for you. 

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3.The Retirement Manifesto

Fritz Gilbert and his wife planned ahead how they would take their retirement from good to great. Fritz teaches in his blog posts how to help you make financial decisions that will bring you what you want! His blog post “How To Move Your Retirement From Good To Great” is one of his top reads, click the title to begin reading. 

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4.Asset Builder

On the Asset Builder website it says “Scott Burns has covered the changing world of personal finance and investments for nearly 40 years. Today, he ranks as one of the five most widely read personal finance writers in the country.”

Author Scott Burns has been writing since 1977 and knows just how to keep you interested in his articles while teaching you at the same time. 

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5.Oblivious Investor

Are you in the beginning stages of retirement planning, this should be the number one blog on your list. 

Author Mike Piper says on his site, “This blog is dedicated to spreading the idea that investment success is based upon stubbornly following a few (very simple) principles.”

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6.Financial Ducks In A Row

Author Jim Blankenship is a Certified Financial Planner, and successful author of two books, A Social Security Owner’s Manual and An IRA Owner’s Manual.

Read his great blog now right HERE! 

7.Squared Away Blog

This fantastic blog covers a wide variety of financial topics, whether it’s saving for your kids college fund or your future retirement account..use this blog to learn what tools can get you there!

Kimberly is an excellent writer who has the ability to teach you through every single post. Start reading here! 







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