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How To Find The Perfect Retirement Home For You

Arizona is known as one of the best places to retire! Fabulous golf communities to choose from, awesome weather, and much more! How do you know you’re choosing the RIGHT retirement community and home for you? 



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1.Look at your budget

You’ve worked many years to build a retirement fund, now what? There are many questions on the table! Are you going to rent or buy a home? Do you want to live in a home or condo? Ask yourself these questions before you take the next step.


Next, it’s recommended to buy less than you can afford. Ask family, friends, and real estate agents for recommendations of condos or homes that fit your budget. Senior care advisers say the best place to start is taking a look at all your financial options. Your monthly income, savings accounts, insurance, and any other funds. If you are a veteran for example, you will want to research your eligibility for veteran’s benefits which will benefit you greatly in the home buying process. 




2.Choose an established community

Some tips for choosing the retirement community that fits you best…

-Make sure the weather and climate fits your preference

-Get to know the residents. Learn about the activities and events that are held

-Do you love golf? Consider a community with unlimited golf! Do you swim everyday? Find a community with a great pool!

Make sure your favorite amenities are provided wherever you settle down.

-Find out what management is like

-Get a home inspection


3. Find one that fits your vibe

Studies show that the more active you are, the more happier and healthier you will be! What makes you happy and feel accomplished? Keep that in the front of your mind as you are looking for a great community to settle in. Many college campuses offer free or low cost art classes, shows, and visiting authors.

If your friends and family make you the happiest, consider staying close to home rather than moving out of state.

Are you looking for clubs like bingo & knitting or tennis and fitness classes? Get the vibe of what age group your community caters to. Make sure to ask if pets are allowed, what other businesses are close by, and whether your grand children can visit or not. 


4.Test It Out

Many retirement homes and communities will give you a “test run” of what they offer. These usually come as packages for a few days stay with unlimited use of their amenities. 



If you are looking to retire in the Valley, checkout Sunland Springs Village! Click here to learn all about why they are one of the best senior living communities. 

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