How to Get a Great Deal in Off-Season

The real estate market tends to slow down a little bit in the winter, especially around the holidays. Does that mean you should put your buying and/or selling goals on hold? No! There is so much you can still get out of the market, and there are even ways you could win. Here are a few ways you can make the best of the off-season.



Part of the reason things slow down in the winter is because of weather, but this is where Arizona is different. While the rest of the country is covered in snow, we get to enjoy days that are sunny and 75. Take advantage of this lovely weather and check out neighborhoods that you’re interested in. Walk around the community. When you’re not worried about sweating to death or having to drive around because you need A/C, you can really get a feel for what a neighborhood is like. Click here for tips about finding the right neighborhood.


Check out these East Valley homes for sale:

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Less Competition.

With a slower market, there’s less competition. This can be good and bad. When you’re buying, this means that there are less homes as options, but it also means that if you’ve fallen in love with a home, you’re more likely to get your offer accepted. If you’re selling in off-season, that means that there are less buyers looking, but it also means that there are less homes on the market for buyers to look at, so yours will be more front and center. 

Take advantage of less competition. It can make the negotiating process a little easier and you could actually get a better deal.


More Relaxed.

Because there isn’t so much hussle and bussle in the real estate market, things are more relaxed. The agents are less busy as well as the home inspectors and mortgage lenders. It will be easier to schedule time with each of these people as you need it. Along with this, it could be easier to schedule a tour of a home. With less going on sellers will be ready to show their homes to anyone.

Click here for some tips on buying a home.


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