How to Still Save for a Home During the Holidays

You’ve been saving all year for the new home you’re hoping to buy in 2017, and you’ve almost reached your goal, but you’re worried about staying on track with the holidays. Sound familiar? We all know that during December, wallets tend to get slimmer. How can you still save during the holidays so that you are ready for that brand new home?


Let everyone know what you’re doing

As you go through the holiday season, let everyone know what your goal is. Many people will be understanding. If they know ahead of time, they’re less likely to be confused as to why you didn’t throw your usual No-Expense-Spared Christmas party. It doesn’t have to be a secret that you’re wanting to have a full down payment. People may even want to ask you for tips. 


Set yourself a budget for the holidays

This is very important. If you’ve been following a plan, continue to follow it. Decide what you can spend this month without disrupting your savings goal. You may need to switch around funds in the budget, but know now what the month is going to look like. You may want to cut costs in one area so you have a little extra for gifts. If you go into the holidays with a plan, it will be easier to make decisions. 


Cut down on gift costs

You don’t have to go all out on gifts this Christmas, and because you told your family and friends your plan, they won’t be expecting a pricey gift either. Shop around for good deals or try different gift ideas. For your neighbors and fellow employees, maybe bake some cookies or cinnamon rolls. 

Decide with your significant other to forgo gifts or do very minimal ones. Your gift to each other can be that fully funded down payment. 


Cut down on entertainment that costs money

Instead of spending your usual amount on entertainment this month, find free things to do or really cheap things. There are so many different options throughout the Valley! 


Don’t lose sight of your goal

It’s going to be easy to want to splurge or put your momentum on pause. DON’T! Don’t forget what’s waiting for you at the end. If you’re strong through the holidays, the rest will be a piece of cake! Stay on track! December is already half over. You can do this! 


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