Make the Most of Your Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year – SPRING CLEANING! Have you already started dusting out the cobwebs and cleaning out your closets? Here are a few tips and “don’t forgets” for your spring cleaning!


Kitchen Appliances

Go through your kitchen and be sure to clean the outside and inside of your appliances – all of them! Wipe them down and make sure that there’s no left-over food or dust and grime. 


When you clean out your refrigerator, do more than just throwing away old food (although that’s important too). Wipe down all the shelves and then clean around and under your fridge as well. When was the last time you pulled it away from the wall? There’s probably a whole bunch of dust and grime under there. 

Your refrigerator coils are an important part to clean, yet are often forgotten. Here’s a article on how to clean this part of your fridge, CLICK HERE.


Lights and Fans

Give your ceiling fans and lamps a good dusting. Are there any light bulbs that are burnt out that you’ve been avoiding? Change them! 


Air Filters

Not only should you change out your air filter, but you should clean the grate as well! You can use your vacuum hose to get the top layer of dust off, and then take a wet rag to get the rest.

Do this to all of your air filters!



Give your windows a good scrubbing – inside and outside. This is something you’ll want to do sooner rather than later as the temperature is starting to warm up. 

Wipe down your shutters and blinds, and wash your curtains. 

Windows and window coverings are easily forgotten, so be sure to add them to your spring cleaning list this year.


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Baseboards, Crown Molding and Door Frames

All three of these often go without any cleaning, yet they attract a whole bunch of dust! Get a wet rag and wipe them down! 

Maybe get your kids to clean the baseboards! It’s a relatively easy task that they can do! (Not to mention they’re a little closer to the ground.)


Although there are many more areas of your home that can be added to the springs cleaning list, these are a few  you don’t want to forget!

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For more spring cleaning tips, check out this article, CLICK HERE.



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