Mesa Housing Market

Since the 1950’s, the Mesa housing market has been consistently growing. This Phoenix suburb is family friendly and has strong community values and traditions. 

As the community has thrived, the housing market hasn’t slowed down! Here is a little breakdown of what the Mesa Housing Market has looked like for the past 30 days. 


Median Home Price

In a market report, there are three different median home prices listed: Sold, New, Active.

Sold represents the average sold price of homes in Mesa. Prices of homes fluctuate between the time they are listed and the time they are sold. This sold price represents the number agreed upon by both the seller and the buyer. The median sold price of Mesa homes this past month was $232,000. 

New represents the average price of new listings. This is the price that homes are initially listed at. The average new price for this past month was $275,000. 

Active represents homes that have been sitting on the market for a little while, and may or may not have gone through a price increase or decrease. The median active price was $309,000. 


Median Days on Site

This is the average amount of days a home is listed before its put under contract. For this past month, the median number was 41 days. 



Inventory represents the number of homes in the market during the past month. There are three different representations of inventory: Sold homes, New listings, and Homes currently on the market. The number of Sold homes in the past month are 787. The number of new listings added this month was 440. The number of listings active in the Mesa market during the past 30 days is 1072. 


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