Phoenix Metro Stats


For Buyers:
For the first time since November 2014, supply is higher than it was the previous year.  This is generally good news for buyers, as it means there are more listings competing for their attention.  However, buyers looking for homes under $200,000 will find this is not true.  The Phoenix Metropolitan area is still nearly 19% below normal in supply, with the lower price ranges in the shortest supply.  Sales under $200,000 have made up 45.5% of all sales in the last 12 months, so this is a significant market to be in short supply.  Buyers looking over $300,000 are experiencing an 11% increase in supply valley wide.  The increased competition is resulting in a 19% increase in weekly price reductions compared to this time last year, especially among listings over $500,000.
For Sellers:
The good news for sellers is that contracts in escrow are up 5% and sales are also up 7% over last year.  Demand has been rising over the past month and seasonally is close to its highest level for buyer activity.  Sellers who wish to list their home at the “peak” of buyer activity should not wait too much longer.  April and May are typically the highest months for buyer activity before slowing down in the summer months.  This is especially true in the luxury market over $500,000.  It’s not uncommon for buyer contract activity to drop anywhere from 25%-40% between May and August as seasonal buyers head towards cooler climates.


credit: Cromford Associates LLC


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