Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

Christmas is here! Are you having family and friends spend the day with you? Are they coming over for New Year’s Eve? Is your home ready for these holiday guests? Here are a few tips for preparing your home. 



This is the first area your guests see, yet it’s an easy area to overlook when cleaning. 

Sweep off the front porch and make sure the door mat is clean and laid out nicely (we don’t want anyone tripping). If you want your guests to remove their shoes, have an area where they can do that. You also may want an area where they can leave their coats. 

Make sure the entryway inside is also swept (or vacuumed). Make sure it’s clean and inviting. Maybe have some holiday decorations to greet your guests when they walk through the front door.



This is a room many of your guests will see, but it’s easy to forget about. 

Make sure it’s clean and that it smells good. Add a candle or a fresh bouquet of flowers to keep it smelling fresh. Have a plunger, extra toilet paper and a trash can easy to find. 


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Have your kitchen clean and ready for delicious food. Keep your counters relatively empty and have all the eating utensils you’ll need. Be sure the sink is empty and that there aren’t any dirty dishes cluttering up the counter space. 

If your guests are bringing treats to share, make it clear where they can put them. 


Main Area

Whether it’s your family room or your sitting room, make sure it’s clean and ready for your holiday guests. You want there to be plenty of furniture without making the room feel cluttered. You’ll also want to make sure that your heater works (and your ceiling fans… the ugly sweaters can get a little toasty). You don’t want your guests to get uncomfortable.

Have fun decorations that bring holiday cheer, and have some music playing to set your guests at ease. You want to set a fun and happy environment for your special guests. 



Are you guests staying with you for a few days. Make sure the beds are made (or that there is plenty of bedding if they’re sleeping on the couch), and make sure you have extra towels laid out for them to use. Keep the room clutter-free and make it warm and inviting. Add a candle or some fresh flowers to give it a good, clean smell. 



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