Does Real Estate Slow Down During the Holidays?

We all know that real estate’s “busy season” is during the spring and summer, so what about during the holidays? Does real estate take a break? 


Not necessarily. Although the market does slow down during the holiday season, it can, in some cases, be the best time to rent or buy! There may not be as many homes on the market or as many people out looking, but those that are tend to be more motivated. 

The holiday season also gives people more time to spend looking for homes. The actual holiday days tend to be some of the slowest of the year, but the time in between or after have quite a bit of traffic. looked at the busiest and slowest days of the year. Christmas Eve was the slowest day entirely, but the days following Christmas were some of the busiest of the year! Having those days off and no other holiday to prepare for, leaves buyers time to hunt for their dream home. 


Should you buy or sell during the holidays? This is the real question. 

This is going to differ depending on each person’s situation, but if you’re serious in the buying/selling process, now is a great time to do so. Holiday buyers and sellers tend to be more motivated, so finding the perfect fit can be easier. With the market being a little slower, you’ll also have more time and resources at your disposal. The slower season means that professionals in the real estate industry will have more time for you, and you’ll have more time for the process as well with the breaks from work. 

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