Renting: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re a first-time renter, or an old pro, we’ve decided to put together a list of thing that we feel renters need to know – those things we all wish someone would have told us. Here are a few of the important things we thought of.

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Extra fees. Be aware that you’re not just going to be paying the monthly rental fee. Depending on your landlord and where you’re renting, you may also have to pay for utilities, cable, pets (You may have to pay an upfront deposit for being allowed to have a pet, or they may have it as a monthly payment. It should be deposit or rent, not both.), and a security deposit. The security deposit can be refunded as long as there are no damages or issues with the residency when you move out. When finding a place to stay, you may also have an application fee for the landlord to check your credit. 


Don’t skimp on the move in check list! This is incredibly important! Not only do you want everything in great working condition when you move in, but you don’t want to be charged for anything that doesn’t work or is damaged before you arrive. Remember that security deposit? If there are damages or issues with the building, you could lose that, even if the damages weren’t from you. To avoid this, walk through first and notice any damages or appliances that don’t work, and make sure you have it all in writing. 


Ask first. If you want to plant a garden or paint a wall, make sure you ask the landlord first. You don’t want to make any big changes without doing so. You want to ask for permission not forgiveness. Forgiveness can be costly (think back to that security deposit).


Renters Insurance: Renter’s insurance, like any insurance, is incredibly important. Don’t underestimate it, and make sure it’s incredibly thorough. Accidents aren’t always convenient and they don’t always have the same results. Make sure you have the best coverage you can. 


Be Clean! Do you want to move into a rental that smells like cat pee and has dirt on every surface? Do you want to open up the fridge only to find leftover food stains? NO! Then don’t leave it that way for others. If you stay clean, you’ll not only make the next renters happy, but you’ll also keep your landlord happy. Keep in mind that excessive filth could also come out of your security deposit. 


Although there are several other tips we could offer, we don’t want to overwhelm you. (If you’d like to see more tips, click here.

Keep these few things in mind, and you’ll be a landlord’s dream renter! Make the renting experience a positive one! Again, let us know if you have any questions! 

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