Resident Benefit Package

Farnsworth Realty and Management offers a Resident Benefit Package (RBP) that is designed to provide protection, convenience, and savings to every Resident. Residents are automatically enrolled in the RBP for only $35 (plus monthly rent) and can take advantage of all the benefits listed below.

Resident Benefit Package Includes:

Resident Rental Insurance

Farnsworth Realty and Management requires all Residents to obtain Rental Insurance from an A-rated carrier, of at least $100,000 in property damage and liability coverage, and to maintain such coverage throughout the entire term of the Lease Agreement. Residents are required to furnish evidence of the Rental Insurance prior to occupancy.

To satisfy the above Rental Insurance requirement, Residents may: (1) Conveniently and automatically be enrolled into the Landlord’s Master Policy that satisfies the coverage requirements as part of the RBP; OR (2) Seek out and obtain alternative liability coverage from an insurer of the Resident’s choice that satisfies the requirements set by the Landlord (See below – Option 2 Important Information).

The option that the Resident chooses shall not affect whether the Resident’s rental application is approved or the terms of the Lease Agreement.

Option 1:

Conveniently be automatically enrolled into a Rental Insurance policy that satisfies all Rental Insurance requirements. Coverage will begin on the effective date of the Resident’s lease agreement and continue throughout the term of the lease.

The Resident Benefits Package monthly rate will be adjusted by the premium amount in the policy that the Resident chooses.

Option 2:

Seek out, purchase, and maintain an alternative rental insurance policy that satisfies the Landlord’s coverage requirements. Provide evidence of the required insurance coverage prior to occupancy. Visit to provide evidence of the alternative insurance policy and coverage required by Landlord.

Option 2 Important Information

If Option 2 is selected, please be sure that your policy meets the following criteria prior to submitting:

  • Policy is purchased from an A-rated carrier
  • Policy meets or exceeds the required $100,000 in property damage and personal liability
  • Farnsworth Realty and Management is listed as additional interest
  • Farnsworth Realty and Management is listed as: 2233 S Springwood Blvd, Mesa, AZ 85209

Also if Option 2 is selected, Resident’s are responsible to timely pay premiums directly to the Resident’s insurance provider to avoid cancellation of coverage. If the policy is canceled or lapses at any time during the term of the Lease Agreement, the Resident could be subject to a lease violation fee of $50 and agrees to be subsequently enrolled into the policy referenced in Option 1 above.

Still have questions?

Your peace of mind is our top priority. If you’re left with any uncertainties or need further clarification about our Resident Benefit Package, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with prompt and personalized responses to all your inquiries.

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