How to Actually Stick to Your Goals

The new year has started and things are getting back to normal. Have you already failed in your goals? Are you starting to lose motivation? Here are some tips for staying on top of your goals so you can feel accomplished this year!


Adjust Goals if Needed

Adjusting your goals a little bit doesn’t mean you failed at accomplishing them. Now that you’ve got a little bit of 2017 under your belt, you can have a better idea of what will be attainable. 

You want your goals to be measurable, meaning that you can easily tell if you accomplished it or not. Just saying you want to eat healthier this year can be difficult to measure. Instead maybe have your goal be having homemade dinners four nights a week (instead of your typical fast food every night). 

If you’re wanting to have a fully-funded down payment by the end of the year, you may need to relook at that and make it more specific. How much of a down payment do you need (yes, you want to know the actual dollar amount if possible), and how much can you reasonably save up each month. Then make your goal an actual number (e.g. have $20,000 saved by the end of the year, a.k.a. about $1,670 a month if you’re starting in January).


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See Yourself Accomplishing it

If you can’t actually see yourself reaching your goal, it won’t happen. Picture yourself at the end of the year, having achieved this goal. Won’t it feel amazing?!

Write down your goals and make them visible. Seeing the goals often will help you see yourself doing them. Having it written down is a great reminder and a great motivator. Hang up your goals on the bathroom mirror or put the list by your bedside. Find what works for you. 


Don’t Think Too Hard

Don’t stew over these goals or this life change you’re making. Just make it happen. If it’s a lifestyle change, or something that’s a little difficult, the more you think about it, the harder it is. 


Celebrate Along the Way

As you continue to live up to your goal(s), celebrate! Are you a quarter of the way to your down payment goals? Have you been doing the homemade meals for a few weeks in a row now? Throw a little party! Whether it’s just congratulating yourself, or you actually go out and treat yourself, it’s important to give yourself that pat on the back! It will help keep you motivated!


Find an Accountability Partner

If you find yourself getting out of reaching your goals, maybe you need to have an “accountability partner,” someone who knows what you’re doing and can help keep you on track. This person can also help keep you sane through the process, cheering you on!

Plus, if someone else knows what you’re doing, it’s not just you that you’re disappointing if you don’t stick to your goal. A little extra motivation can go a long way. 


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