Want to Sell your Home in 2017?

Are you planning to make the big move this year? Do you want to sell your home in 2017? Here are a few tips to make sure you’re ready!


Prepare your home.

Before you put your home on the market, you want it to look its best! Start by deep cleaning the home. Throw away anything you no longer want and clean out every nook and cranny! 

If you notice pealing paint or old/outdated hardware and appliances, update it. Replace and repaint! (Remember neutral colors! Nothing too crazy or bold.) 

Make sure the curb appeal of your home is on point. Spend some time grooming your yard, especially the front. Repaint the outside of the home if needed, and maybe add some plants.

Not sure what changes your home needs? We’ll help you with that before we list it. 


Check out these gorgeous homes on the market now. Let’s make yours one of them!

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Find a Realtor.

Having a good Realtor is very important. We’ll help you price your home right (listing it too high or too low could cost you), and we’ll help you with all the paper work and scheduling that go with selling a home.

Although some people don’t want to have to use a Realtor (whether they don’t think they have time for it, or they don’t want to pay the commission), it’s totally worth it. It will actually save you time and could save you money in the long run. We’re professional negotiators and know how to sell your home for a great price in a timely manner.

We will market your home to everyone we possibly can and will make sure that you get a great deal! We also know several different people in the industry which will come in handy with inspections, finding buyers, etc.

Click here to read about our expertise and to see if we’ll be a good fit for you.  


Ready to Show.

You’ve already done the dirty work of decluttering and deep cleaning your home. Now it’s time to prepare it for showings. Add candles, fresh flowers and other good-smelling items to your home. Good smells = Good impressions. 


Keep it to a minimum. Less is truly more. You may want to remove some unnecessary furniture and items in your home. Extra book cases or recliners that you don’t use regularly should go in the garage or into storage. The less cluttered and full your home looks, the better. Buyers want a home with SPACE! You may just have to live a minimalist life style for a little bit. 


Have a cleaning routine. You never know when someone will want to come tour your home. Although you’ll have a heads up and some time beforehand, sometimes these can be pretty last minute. If you have a huge mess, getting it show-ready may not be doable in the time you have. Avoid making huge messes and have a place for everything. Clean as you go and don’t let things pile up. Have a spot in the closets and cabinets for those things that sit out most of the time so you can store them on short notice. This will make your life so much easier when there’s a last minute tour. Also, your home will always look amazing when you have friends and family over. 


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If you want to learn about some financing options, or if you’re looking to get pre-qualified, contact Parker Turk at Sun American Mortgage Company: 602-616-3774.



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